Cook Off! Competition

A prize will be awarded to the "Best Dish"


Each crew shall prepare and present one dish only enough for 20 people to try. The dish shall be cooked by the crew on board their boat from scratch. “Scratch” is defined as starting with basic ingredients. There is no limitation for the origin of the ingredients. Complete commercial “just add meat/water/milk etc.” mixes are not permitted.

Crews are to prepare and cook dishes in as sanitary a manner as possible. At the discretion of the head judge, the crew may be required to taste their dishes before turning it in for judging.

Each boat is required to prepare a minimum of 20 servings of their dish. The skipper of each crew will be invited to try each dish. Dishes will be evaluated by the skipper of each crew as well as the Organizing Committee and will be judged considering taste, appearance, presentation and originality. Each skipper may cast up to 3 votes. Votes may be cast to different dishes or to the same dish (but not on a crew’s own dish). The dish that collects the most votes will be the winner.

Theme Party 2023

Dress in Orange & Win!

This year's theme party sponsored by Excess Catamarans is planed to be an iconic "orange celebration". Unique and authentic orange elements will add a fresh twist and clearly showcase our Grand Sponsor's corporate colour scheme. Dress orange! Bring something original orange to this year's fiesta & win the Excess grand Show-off prize.

Best Crew Style Competition

Present your crew in style with an original crew outfit during the welcome dinner & win the Best Crew Style Award! Each crew will have the opportunity to present their crew outfit (could be T-shirt/polo shirt, whole outfit, or accessories) to the rest of the fleet, at the welcome dinner upon their crew's introduction. There may only be one crew outfit entry per boat and it must be appropriate (no nudity, no profanity). Presentations will be evaluated by the competitors and will be judged considering appearance and originality.

Organizing Committee will vote for this competition. The boat which collects the most votes will be the winner.

Stay tuned for more details.

Shoot Off! Competition

Take the best photos during the race, depicting the experience through your own eyes, and win the first prize!

Each crew can register up to 3 digital photos.

The deadline for entries will be soon announced.

Late entries submitted after the specified deadline will NOT be accepted.

Please send your photos EXCLUSIVELY to this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.